Vantica Trading

Who we are

Vantica Trading is formed by a team of managers and entrepreneurs in the Data Analytics and industrial services sector, with economic interests in various sectors.

About our goals

Vantica Trading publishes global news and educational content about business and enterprise blockchain.

Due to the never-ending stream of blockchain projects, VanticaTrading plans to be the first to bring you the news and details, including law and regulation issues. Numerous sites cover cryptocurrency trading and investment, and cryptocurrencies and tokens are critical blockchain innovations. We provide up-to-date reporting and analysis on what's happening in the blockchain and crypto space.

Given decentralization and blockchain compromise to change market infrastructures across many industries, we approach information from a functional point of view. 

If you think you have something to say or have an insight about specific crypto projects or the application of f blockchain technologies to particular areas (industry, banking, payments, etc.), get in touch with us to become a contributor.

Our values

The company's values of freedom, truthfulness, integrity, quality, knowledge and innovation are present in all our contributions, products, and services as a guarantee of our commitment to society.


We seek excellence in each of the services we develop, maintaining attention to detail, critical introspection, and an open mind to detect new opportunities.


We value knowledge as the cornerstone of all Vantica Trading activities. We believe that the more we know about a subject, the better we can communicate it to the audience.


We comply with all our commitments in due time, driven by an internal disposition, and we are accountable for each of our actions and agreements.


We are constantly vigilant that our words, both to the audience and among ourselves, are in line with the facts, willing to correct when the truth demands it.


We remain alert to opportunities and adopt the latest technologies to be at the forefront of knowledge and efficiency in every area of our work to deliver more and better products.


We need the coordinated effort of everyone to achieve the objectives we pursue based on the interests of the organization and not on personal positions.