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Bitcoin As The Native AI Currency

Bitcoin As The Native AI Currency

Former PayPal CEO: “Bitcoin will be the native currency of artificial intelligence.” Entrepreneur David Marcus spoke about Bitcoin and its performance in new technologies during the MicroStrategy World: Bitcoin for Corporations 2024 event.

  • For David Marcus, bitcoin is “Internet-native value.”
  • According to the entrepreneur, BTC is the “most neutral form of digital money.”

David Marcus, the former CEO of PayPal, one of the world’s largest payment companies, highlighted the role of bitcoin (BTC) in the era of artificial intelligence (AI) and asserted that this asset has all the attributes to be the native currency of AI. During his participation in the MicroStrategy World: Bitcoin for Corporations 2024 event, Marcus, who currently heads the Lightning network developer Lightspark, said that BTC “is the most neutral form of digital money native to the Internet.”

In Marcus’ view, countries will not accept digital versions of other nations’ currencies. He asserted that converting foreign currencies carries a significant fee that would not be suitable for small transactions. Thus, he believes that Bitcoin, existing only on the Internet, “is politically neutral.” And, therefore, a more acceptable form of money than any other type of digitized currency, he noted. In his view, if BTC becomes “super efficient and its transactions run super fast and in real-time, at the speed of artificial intelligence transactions.” Because of these reasons BTC will be “basically the native AI currency.”

The lightning network is the key

Marcus advocates that BTC is an Internet-native value and acknowledges that, thanks to the Lightning network, this currency can meet the requirements to be AI-native money. It so happens that the Lightning Network is Bitcoin’s scalability solution and allows to carry transactions almost immediately, cheaply, and securely. Currently, this technology is used for BTC trading in many parts of the world, especially in the Global South. It is a decisive factor for using bitcoins for business transactions and money interchanges.

In his speech, Marcus highlighted how Google Translator, Google’s tool, translates languages quickly. He said this platform only changes what it wants to translate into another native Google language. In that sense, he argues that the AI’s native language will be Bitcoin. “Because that’s the native value-neutral language of the Internet,” he remarked. Many industry leaders share Marcus’ narrative around Bitcoin and artificial intelligence. Arthur Hayes, former CEO of the Bitmex exchange, asserted in July last year that BTC is the leading AI currency because, among other things, it is resistant to censorship and preserves value over the long term.

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