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Blockchain and the Digital Transformation

Blockchain Digital Transformation is upon us, and it has the potential to revolutionize the business world.

Blockchain solutions like Cardano or Ethereum have now reached places we couldn’t even reach with a new concept. And it all comes down to the power of the blockchain, the fact that it offers enhanced security in, distributed ledger, distributed and decentralized but also fast and consensus-based.

Thankfully, Blockchain Digital Transformation expands to a vast range of industries, and it gets to improve them in various ways. Thanks to the blockchain, you get a much easier way to handle corruption and counterfeiting, which will help our society. The main issue right now comes from implementing blockchain technologies in every field.

Blockchain Digital Transformation for non-financial enterprises

You will find many companies outside the finance world that still examine blockchain technology. Walmart uses the IBM food trust blockchain to handle and manage its goods. Toyota and Ford are integrating the blockchain into their smart mobility systems. You also have Prudential and Metlife, which focus on automating trade solutions and insurance claims.

Even Maersk or FedEx use the blockchain for Digital Transformation since it allows them to monitor cargo shipping and inform customers. Facebook has its team working on blockchain tech, and the potential is limitless, as you can see here.

Other companies related to heavy industrial products and services use blockchain to store data. For example, Mas Ingenieros, a Spanish engineering company, uses blockchain to store data about machine emissions into the atmosphere.

Enterprise blockchains

These are evolving alongside vendors, and we might even see companies offering blockchain as a service. Oracle is one of the companies that’s hard at work when it comes to implementing blockchain as a service technology.

You also have healthcare blockchains because they track the supply chains, data can be managed faster, and it can save lives. Also, things like claims and healthcare billing information can be stored securely in the blockchain, and they can be accessed at the right time.

Government building
Government Digital Transformation

Using the blockchain for government services

Paperless documentation is what the government needs since a lot of data can be processed fast and without relying on stacks and stacks of paper. Estonia, Brazil, and Switzerland have already implemented their blockchain platforms and systems, and other countries will continue to do so. There’s even a system designed to make voting easier on the blockchain, which can potentially expand benefits and take things to the next level in a rewarding way.


Blockchain is a technology that pushes Digital Transformation to the next level in the enterprise world. It has tremendous benefits for a vast range of industries, and it continues to adapt and expand professionally and rewardingly. It’s safe to say that thanks to the blockchain platforms, we will have no problem improving and adapting things in the long term. It helps improve data security and access while making it easy for companies to save time. That’s why many companies focus on Blockchain Digital Transformation and work hard to push it to the next level!

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