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Cardano and Ripple

Cardano and Ripple

Charles Hoskinson confirms that there will be no partnership between Cardano and Ripple.

Cardano and Ripple. Hoskinson indicated that he does not see an alliance between both networks as possible, given that they have different objectives and visions and the community problems and impasses he has had to face.

  • There is no alliance between Cardano and Ripple.
  • He does not see a collaboration between both Blockchain networks as viable.
  • Hoskinson stressed that these networks pursue different objectives and operate in opposite ways.
  • He also added the community attacks he has been receiving from Ripple enthusiasts.

Cardano co-founder and lead developer Charles Hoskinson reaffirmed no plans to partner with Ripple or the XRP cryptocurrency ecosystem.

There will be no partnership between Cardano and Ripple

Hoskinson’s reaffirmation came in a message posted via his X (Twitter) account, where he responded to a person who asked if he was still against the idea of possible partnerships with Ripple. The developer indicated that nothing has changed since then, so he does not see a partnership between the two networks as feasible. On this, Hoskinson detailed the reasons in a message, explaining that there has been “daily harassment from the community” When touching on this topic, there is no technical overlap between Cardano and XRP, and the projects have different product markets. He also added:

Their developers designed Ripple for a different purpose. The technology connection makes no sense. Especially given the constant personal attacks, harassment, and total inability to have a conversation. I have been extremely clear in what I said. Many members of the XRP community will not accept or understand my statements.

Charles Hoskinson

Different paths

Beyond community pressure, perhaps the most notable point among the criticisms noted by Hoskinson is that of the differences between the two Blockchain projects, which makes the path to thinking about a possible technical integration very difficult. As such, the Ripple network was originally intended as a platform to support financial services in the traditional sector, taking advantage of the benefits of the XRP token for the design of products and solutions. This implies that it is a private Blockchain ecosystem, with all the implications that this has in terms of user needs.

Although Ripple has implemented some operational changes to further open up the functions of its network and attract more developers, for many the nature of the project remains the same, which has led to strong criticism within the crypto sector from other projects of a more open nature, such as Ethereum and even Cardano itself. On the other side, Cardano has in mind a mission/vision mostly focused on decentralization, so the community decides about aspects such as block processing and network governance. Developers are currently launching products and services leveraging their technology, so ecosystems like DeFi see quite a bit of activity.

These differences have also been made visible by Hoskinson himself, who has said that Ripple and XRP serve primarily “as interbank settlement systems and for the design of state currencies (CBDC),” rather than operating as a decentralized smart contract platform.

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