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Cardano Doubles Bug Rewards

The Cardano Foundation has published changes to its program for hackers who find bugs in its network. Among them is an increase in the monetary amount of rewards.

In Short

  • Cardano doubles rewards for hackers who find flaws.
  • The maximum amount to be received is $20,000.
  • The plan focuses on improving the network situation.

Cardano Doubles Bug Rewards. White hat hackers have become a fundamental part of the development of major blockchains. White hat hackers maintain ethics and find bugs within the network. They prevent malicious entities from taking advantage and causing problems.

As a reward, large crypto projects pay these hackers every time they find and fix a bug. A few weeks ago, an example occurred when a hacker found a major bug inside one of Ethereum’s L2 networks and earned $2 million for it. Now, the developers of Cardano (ADA) have announced that they will double the rewards for hackers who get vulnerabilities in their networks.


Secure the Cardano blockchain

This measure aims to improve the network’s security, which has accelerated growth in the sector. It forced its developers to redouble their efforts to improve it and end the errors it presents. 

The payment program divides into two, those in charge of Cardano’s nodes and those who focus on its wallets. Each has a reward list distributed according to the type of error they find. There are four types: minor, medium, large, and critical errors. 

For errors found in Cardano nodes, they’ll pay $800 for minor errors. Previously the reward was $400. For medium bugs, the amount will increase from $2,000 to $4,000; significant and critical bugs’ll pay between $10,000 and $20,000, respectively.

Meanwhile, the reward corresponding to the errors found in the purses is slightly lower. It will be $600 for minor bugs, $2,000 for medium ones, $6,000 for big ones, and $15,000 for critical ones. 

Cardano’s statement leaves a series of regulations to clarify what kind of reward hackers may attain, depending on their findings. The first rule they establish is that hackers cannot talk about the issue in public without the approval of the Cardano Foundation. It also clarifies that if two hackers report the same problem, the foundation will only reward the one who did it first. 

It also prohibits acts of social engineering, such as phishing. They are illegal activities that steal users’ personal information, such as passwords or bank details. They also make it illegal to utilize nodes that aren’t fixed. 

Finally, the release leaves a list of points of the scope of the agreement that hackers submit by entering Cardano’s network bug detection program. These set out the type of bugs that hackers must address and range from those that cause the service to crash to attacks that damage the integrity of the blockchain. 

This measure is an excellent way to get the community involved with the project and thus make a much better blockchain and crypto ecosystem for users.

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