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Hoskinson on Cardano Developments

Hoskinson on Cardano Developments

After sharing details about Chang, the upcoming update for Cardano, Hoskinson criticized the immediatist emphasis within the Blockchain space, reiterating that they are going down a different path that will ensure the project’s consolidation.

  • Hoskinson defends Cardano from criticism in the space, claiming the project focuses on establishing solid foundations.
  • He also spoke about the upcoming upgrade for the network, Chang

Cardano, the Blockchain network focused on greater scalability and support for smart contracts backed by the IOG team, will soon receive a new upgrade via a hard fork called Chang. The update would bring technical goodies to strengthen the ecosystem of products and services further.

Hard fork for Cardano

The information was shared in one of his regular broadcasts by the co-founder and lead developer of the project, Charles Hoskinson, who spoke in detail about the upcoming update and the new improvements coming for the network in a message published on his X (Twitter) account. He reported that they focus on building solid foundations to ensure long-term sustainability and progress.

As for the new update, Hoskinson wrote:

Chang will arrive soon, according to progress on SanchoNet. Ouroboros Leios is a big step forward towards solving the Blockchain trilemma. Our research labs are expanding, and we now have 209 articles with much faster research translation.

Charles Hoskinson

Chang would be the next major upgrade after Vasil arrives in 2022, which brought with it some operational changes aimed at optimizing the operation of the network. Chang would become the next operational base for new solutions in terms of scalability and economy of operations.

A forward-looking ecosystem

While Hoskinson pointed out some of the future benefits for the Cardano ecosystem, he also used the message to defend the project from the criticism it received from the community. He indicated that the setbacks seen during the process have made him smile since they have a good ecosystem and a clear path to address issues around scalability, governance, and innovation without leaving out the community that supports the project.

On the current state of Cardano, he highlighted its solidity and argued:

‘I wouldn’t bet against an ecosystem able to engage and unlock millions of people. It has a blockchain sovereign wealth fund that never failed in over 2,300 days of 24/7 uptime.

Charles Hoskinson

He also problematized immediatist trends within the tech industry, comparing innovation in the Blockchain space to that seen in the artificial intelligence ecosystem. “AI has the same problem. A few months ago, Open AI dominated everything, then Claude 3, now we have Grok 1.5 and soon Llama 3,” Hoskinson wrote.

And he closed with this thought:

Winners have foundations built to last for generations and a community that respects and maintains that foundation. There is no substitute for this reality.

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