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IOHK reveals DApp Store for the Cardano Blockchain

IOHK, the company responsible for Cardano (ADA), revealed details about a certification program and a DApp Store for applications and protocols.

IOHK reveals the DApp Store for the Cardano Blockchain. Details about the Cardano Summit, which will take place on Saturday, September 21, were released by IOHK a couple of days ago. The company recalls that the recent Alonzo update introduced the Smart Contracts feature and the possibility of decentralized applications (DApps) and other protocols for more functionalities on its blockchain.

While this represents a significant milestone for the project, IOHK has two concerns about a possible flow of projects on the network: making users find the products that best fit their expectations and needs and ensuring that the projects uploaded into the network are of good quality. 

According to IOHK, dealing with these dilemmas would be the key to the growth of its blockchain. In addition to ensuring the satisfaction of their supporters, this would protect them against possible malicious projects or poor performance.


Project certification

To solve these potential problems, IOHK should launch a certification program to evaluate applications developed on the Cardano network. Summit organizers will present the program in more detail, but they have already given some information. 

The program will look for possible vulnerabilities in Cardano DApps code. They will implement different levels of defense, as the company explains:


“There will be several levels. At the simplest level, automated logic checks will allow us to detect certain types of malicious code. For example, they will be able to verify that the contract does not contain a way to recover blocked funds.”

IOHK said that they would perform manual contract audits on any DApp contracts to verify their integrity:


“In addition, manual smart contract auditing will help us verify the integrity of any DApp. Ultimately, the full formal verification will test the mathematical model to prove that a smart contract satisfies the formal specification of its behavior.”


The Cardano team said it is establishing partnerships with companies specializing in such audits. During the Summit, organizers will announce some of them.


Cardano prepares the DApp Store

IOHK also revealed that the Cardano network would have a DApp Store where developers can upload their projects. The central goal is to make “a reliable and democratic environment for developers to publish their dApps without censorship.” 

As described by the company, the DApp Store would facilitate the public knowledge of new projects, as today, users do not have a formalized and efficient search process to find new decentralized applications:


“Users will be able to access Plutus dAppStore via a web browser. Think of Plutus dAppStore as a “storefront” for Cardano. The store showcases a variety of things you can do.”

Developers can upload into the store both certified and non-certified DApps. However, IOHK will provide clear information about each project’s status and reliability level, providing a “platform for transparent user evaluation.

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