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Most Valuable Metaverse Jobs

What will be the most demanded jobs in the Metaverse? New professional profiles are emerging, and companies offer them on platforms like LinkedIn.

The Metaverse needs knowledgeable people with programmers, software engineers, marketing professionals, and cybersecurity experts. It will also need avatar conversation designers, people in charge of holoporting (interacting through holograms with anyone worldwide), and travel agencies to facilitate mobility through different virtual worlds. Or positions for digital asset managers, avatar designers, and architects. These are professionals dedicated to developing and enhancing the ecosystem’s artificial intelligence and virtual reality network.


Is your profession one of the most sought-after jobs?

The Metaverse is the culmination of multiple technologies working together to create new ways of perceiving the world, such as virtual and augmented reality and AI, producing an immersive, interactive, liquid virtual experience. 

It will also require professionals to research the effects of these technologies on people for prolonged periods. With their work, these professionals will build the basis for the applications of this unique ecosystem with a visible and actionable structure.


Structural changes

Shortly, the new professional profiles in demand could bring about specific structural changes in other professions. The Metaverse favors remote-work-based collaboration that could replace the traditional physical workplace. There are already companies that have entire office campuses. For example, Accenture Limited has an office in the Metaverse called Nth Floor, located on Microsoft’s Mesh platform. Pandemic spillover effects (limitations on physical meetings) and travel drive companies to seek more authentic, cohesive, interactive hybrid and remote work experiences. There are already many companies present in the Metaverse

The Metaverse could also affect some traditional jobs, as it allows users to obtain a steady stream of cryptocurrency. It can potentially act as a regular source of revenue. In other words, there is the opportunity to earn money with a simple Internet connection.


Replacing jobs

In his Founder’s Letter, Meta Platform CEO Mark Zuckerberg said they hope the Metaverse will reach one billion people by 2030. However, this is a meager percentage of the world’s population. There is no possibility that this new ecosystem will replace any aspect of the physical world because the technological conditions are not in place. 

Just as in real life, in the different types of Metaverse, you can make friends, raise virtual pets, buy virtual houses, attend events, and, in addition, earn money. However, society must precisely manage the consequences of the Metaverse in the corporate environment. Harvard Business Review notes that if this technology becomes increasingly relevant to specific user groups, it could replace real-world equivalents.


Meta, payments, and the Metaverse

The computer giant Facebook has made another change in its corporate structure. One of its products, Facebook Pay, will be renamed Meta Pay as part of the growing identification the company seeks to foster with Meta and the Metaverse. 

But the change is more than just words. It brings a whole new system that allows integrating conventional payments into the Metaverse. In addition, the company clarifies that under Meta Pay, it will be possible to incorporate various data in the digital world into a single payment method, which will be helpful in the “Metaxion” universe. 

However, the change is not superficial, as the company intends to add the latest payment system developments in the Metaverse. Meta Pay will be an essential tool in the “Metaxion” universe, evolving into a decentralized social network and a digital payment tool.

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