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Samsung Puts Web3 Into TVs

Samsung Puts Web3 Into TVs

Samsung is taking its blockchain technology-based Web3 strategy further and has unveiled new initiatives related to NFT, gaming, and metaverse for its TVs.

The South Korean tech company will launch a Web3 TV bundle in Germany, including a TV, a special edition Ledger Nano X physical wallet, and an exclusive NFT collection. The new product will be available on the German Samsung website from April 24. Samsung will also introduce a new NFT app for its Smart TVs. The app will allow users to enjoy their NFTs on a large scale and with stunning images. The company wants to make easy and secure access to decentralized blockchain-based Web3 a reality.

Samsung Web3

Samsung said in a statement that the initiative seeks to expand its Web3 ecosystem, called GEN|3|GATE, and bridge the gap between the Web2 and Web3 worlds. The sale of the Web3 TV package will offer users the choice between purchasing a TV model The Frame (between 32 and 65 inches), or a model The Sero.

Along with the TV, the package will include a Ledger Nano X model, exclusively designed by hardware wallet manufacturer Ledger, one of Samsung’s key Web3 partners. To complete the NFT experience, buyers will also receive free digital artwork by artist Paul Milinski as part of the TX1 collection in conjunction with Samsung. Each NFT will offer owners access to various exclusive benefits from Samsung’s Web3 community and partner network.

Samsung started building along with Ledger in 2023 its Web3 ecosystem with the MX1 project. The initiative enabled the purchase of a Web3 starter package focused on Samsung S23 smartphones. Along with the bundle, owners received a Ledger Nano device and the ‘MX1 Genesis edition’ part, Samsung’s Web3 community NFT.

NFT App for TVs

To complement its NFT strategy, Samsung is also launching its NFT Gallery app, available on Smart Hub for the company’s Lifestyle TV family of TVs, which includes The Frame, The Sero, The Terrace, and The Serif models.

With the NFT application on the TVs, users can visualize and display NFTs with high-quality 4K on their screens by connecting their wallets. If they do not have one, they can easily create one connecting to their Google account, explains the technology company. In addition, Samsung’s NFT Gallery app integration will allow users to buy, sell, and trade NFTs directly on their smart TV screens. Those who download the app between April 11 and April 24 will also receive a free NFT from the MX1 collection designed by Paul Milinski.

The initiative is not Samsung’s first effort to bring NFTs to the masses through its TVs. In 2022, it became the first major brand to create a private NFT club for its customers, thanks to its partnership with Theta Network. Similarly, in the same year, it integrated NFT buying and selling services into its Micro LED, Neo QLED, and Lifestyle TVs for the first time. In addition, it has also established initiatives in the metaverse, such as a Web3 advertising space and a virtual replica of its 837 (New York) physical store within the blockchain metaverse, Decentraland.

Web3 Partnerships

Samsung is building a network of allies to power its Web3 ecosystem. Its blockchain allies include platforms and projects such as Ledger, the Illuvium game, the open metaverse, Wilder World, the NFT collection, the World of Women (WoW), and the Belvedere Museum in Vienna. For example, users could access Illuvium and Wilder World from their Samsung smart TVs. Similarly, the blockchain infrastructure of Samsung’s Web3 initiatives falls on Polygon. The projects aim to complement Samsung’s NFT and Web3 strategy by enabling new digital experiences in gaming, metaverse, and digital art.

Web3 Portable Consoles

Their developers present SuiPlay 0x1 as the first portable video game console with native Web3 functions. Mysten Labs, creator of the Sui blockchain, develops the console with Playtron, a gaming startup. The device will natively integrate the Sui blockchain, allowing access to Web3 games. They are native to Sui and other blockchains. In addition, it will enable users to enjoy traditional games available in stores such as Epic Game Store and Steam. The idea is to build an integrated Web2 and Web3 gaming experience for users on the same platform compatible with mobile and PC.

SuiPlay 0x1 will run on PlaytronOS, the first video game operating system developed by Playtron and compatible with mobile and PC. The integration of the Sui blockchain will facilitate simplified wallet, transaction, and game asset ownership functions for users natively. The Web3 handheld console will also integrate a loyalty and incentive rewards system for Web2 and Web3 games. The console will also include integrated payments with tokens and stablecoins, monetization for game creators, and more.

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