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Sony To Combine Blockchain And NFT In Video Games

A USPTO filing reveals that Sony wants to patent a “tracking system” for tokenized digital items in video games.

In Short

  • Sony is interested in NFTs and Blockchain in games.
  • They seek to patent a digital asset tracking system.
  • The creator of PlayStation has already explored the Blockchain.

Sony To Combine Blockchain And NFT In Video Games. Sony, the giant Japanese company behind the PlayStation brand, seems interested in exploring Blockchain technology and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). They want to revamp their multi-billion dollar video game business. Public records from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) have revealed that Sony wants to patent a tracking system for digital gaming assets based on NFTs and Blockchain. 

The World Intellectual Property Organization recently published the patent details, filed last year but has a publication date of Nov. 11, 2022, USPTO records show. The documents suggest that Sony is interested in and working to find ways to integrate new technologies into its video games. Specifically, it would build a tracking system for game-tokenized assets

In-game characters and items are unique digital assets that are created, modified, tracked, authenticated, and transferred using the methods covered by the patent. The NFTs would represent objects, characters, moments, videos, or images associated with a video game. The presentation reads:


“A system and method for tracking digital assets associated with video games. The digital assets may be gaming assets, such as game objects or characters. The digital assets may be video game digital media assets representing gameplay moments of a video game, such as video clips or images.”

The patent also details how they might use blockchain technology to track changes to digital assets history, like ownership changes, and how this might increase the functionality of game assets.



Sony dabbles with NFTs in video games

While this is not the first time the PlayStation maker has explored the Blockchain, it is the first indication of interest by the company in integrating this technology into the video game industry. It is likely Sony’s first breakthrough related to NFTs, also known as digital collectibles

The Block recalls that Sony has previously explored blockchain technology for education and intellectual property, such as music copyright management. In 2018, the company already announced the launch of an innovative digital rights management system based on such technology. More recently, in April this year, the multinational invested in Epic Games, creators of Fortnite, to help that company develop its metaverse. 

Sony’s latest presentation regarding a Blockchain and NFT system for video games does not guarantee that the firm will move forward with plans to integrate such technologies. The USPTO has already rejected the patent in its current form for failing to “integrate the theoretical idea into an actionable application.

That report adds that Sony must update the filing to continue the patent process. The company has filed a patent application that mentions digital assets before. Last year, Sony filed a patent to create a platform for E-Sports betting. It would allow payments with both fiat currencies and Bitcoin. That filing also mentions digital collectible items. 

The news comes when many companies are looking to enter Web3. So far, in 2022, more than 4,000 metaverse-related applications have been introduced to the USPTO, including Sony Music filed one in September.



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