Best Blockchain Books

Our society is increasingly focusing on the technological world and its novelties. Sometimes these new technologies are not easy to comprehend. Here is a book collection to understand blockchain and crypto.

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The financial market is changing towards a new perspective. People are no longer investing so much in real estate or tangible assets. Therefore, today we want to tell you about some of the best Bitcoin books to learn how to move through this new crypto-universe.

Mastering Bitcoin

Explains Bitcoin in its most technical aspect: how crypto wallets, keys, blockchains, and its valuable codes or commands work. It teaches how to develop software that works with its blockchain. There is also a section on the security of bitcoin transactions compared to traditional payment networks.

Andreas Antonopoulos wrote the book "Internet of Money" (see below) three years later for a more general audience. It is a profound book from a technical point of view, with many graphic resources that help to understand the concepts better. It includes real examples to apply to the blockchain. The book is quite technical, so it can be challenging to read and understand. This book is mainly intended for programmers and people interested in blockchain development.

How to DEFI

It is a book that deals with Decentralized Finance (DeFi) from the ground up and has a convenient approach. Several renowned authors contributed to the text within the cryptocurrency industry, including Darren Lau.

  • The subject deals with (DEFI), one of the most exciting and promising topics in the cryptocurrency industry.

  • Its structure makes it very easy to read.

  • It has an efficient approach: each chapter explains a theoretical part and then has a practical tutorial.

  • It includes many additional resources if we want to go deeper into the topics covered.

This book is for anyone interested in crypto investments and who wants to go a step further. It is also highly suggested for everyone that wants to Decentralized Finance from zero.


A guide to cryptocurrency investment, taking a quite serious and professional approach. Chris Burniske is a co-founder of the crypto assets company Placeholder Venture, a virtual marketplace. Jack Tatar is an investor and advisor to crypto asset companies.

The book focuses on the idea that cryptocurrencies are a new financial asset class. Very comprehensive as it deals with both theoretical and practical concepts. The author backs up its explanations with objective data through charts and graphs. The book looks for people who want a broad vision of this market with the idea of investing thoughtfully and rigorously.

An Altcoin Traders Handbook

This book focuses on cryptocurrency trading, especially on small and mid-cap altcoins. Nik Patel is a well-known trader and investor in the Crypto community, with more than eight years in this type of asset.

Through his experience and anecdotes, he describes both the good and the wrong side of investing in cryptocurrencies. It is a very convenient and complete book. Beware, some parts of the book are too dense to read.

It will be helpful for anyone interested in trading or investing in cryptocurrencies. It would help if you kept in mind that it does not explain what cryptocurrency trading is from a simplistic view.

The Bitcoin Standard: The decentralized alternative to central banks

It is a historical review of the world economy and the evolution of money through time until reaching the Bitcoin. It also develops the importance of Bitcoin in the separation between money and the state.

Saifedean Ammous is an expert in cryptocurrencies. He is a consultant and trainer in economic management for senior officials. The book explains why the economy's future belongs to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It reviews the history of money, which is very enriching to understand the importance of Bitcoin, and provides different tips on how to manage our economy and our savings.

Those looking to read about strategies for investing in Bitcoin will not find this book very useful as it does not review investment models but focuses mainly on historical facts related to money and assets. The author wrote the book for those passionate about cryptocurrencies and people who want to compare crypto with other types of money that occurred throughout history.

The Internet of Money

It summarizes eleven lectures on Bitcoin, the history of money, the evolution of payment methods, and investing in cryptocurrencies. Andreas Antonopoulos was one of the first to give talks on cryptocurrencies. He is also involved in the security of blockchain companies.

Antonopoulos explains all the concepts in a very didactic way. The text is suitable for experts and someone who is just starting. The book removes the fears and doubts that someone thinking of investing in cryptocurrencies may have. The book is suitable for Bitcoin beginners and people who want to start investing in cryptocurrencies but still have doubts about their safety.


We hope this summary of the most instructive books about Bitcoin has been to your liking. If you want to go deeper, you can also attend various blockchain online courses. Antonopoulos teaches one of the most insightful through the University of Nicosia.

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