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Cardano Launches AI chatbot “Girolamo”

Cardano Launches AI chatbot "Girolamo"

Cardano has embraced AI technology with the recent launch of its chatbot “Girolamo” in its beta version.

Cardano Launches AI chatbot “Girolamo” The popular Blockchain platform, Cardano, has taken a giant leap in adopting artificial intelligence technology in its crypto ecosystem through the recent launch of its chatbot, “Girolamo.” Notably, artificial intelligence (AI), “Girolamo,” named after famous Italian mathematician Girolamo Cardano, represents a groundbreaking step for the Blockchain in artificial intelligence. Also, according to the launch announcement, Girolamo is designed to handle a broad spectrum of queries, from crypto-industry-specific to general everyday questions. In addition, Girolamo also features the ability to generate and interpret images, adding graphical analysis capabilities.

Girolamo answers a wide range of queries, spanning all industries and even our day-to-day questions and queries. Users can generate and interpret images by requesting it from Girolamo.” Cardano said on the X platform. Cardano’s recent development aligns with its ongoing efforts to intertwine Blockchain technology and artificial intelligence, showing a combination of innovation and practical application. ADA’s commitment to AI technology dates back to 2021 with the introduction of “Grace,” an artificial intelligence robot developed by “Awakening Health” integrated into the Cardano Blockchain.

Also, Charles Hoskinson, the founder and CEO of Cardano, recently approached Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, proposing a “collaboration.” This gesture reflects Cardano’s aspiration to expand its Blockchain ecosystem by exploring a potential partnership with OpenAI. On the other hand, the ADA wallet, “Lace,” also updated its version to 1.7.1 this month. This update addressed several issues, including improving the connectivity of dApps to the wallet.

@sama since you have some free time now. If you are interested in doing a decentralized LLM, then hit me up. Would be a fun Cardano Partnerchain

Charles Hoskinson

“Mithril” protocol boosts Cardano

In addition to its efforts in the artificial technology sector, Cardano has also made progress with its Blockchain technology, especially by introducing “Mithril,” a new protocol for thin clients this year. According to the launch announcement, Mithril is a new protocol from Cardano that allows users to interact securely and efficiently with the network without downloading the entire Blockchain history, which is cumbersome and produces a large consumption of computational resources.

Likewise, Mithril relies on verifiable random functions (VRFs), which create snapshots of the Blockchain state at regular intervals, which customers can use to verify transactions and balances. In addition, Mithril also uses VRFs to select a subset of nodes that can serve as auditors of the snapshots, ensuring their validity and consistency. Importantly, Mithril is a crucial component for Cardano’s lightweight wallet, “Lace,” recently upgraded to version 1.7.1. According to Cardano, these enhancements are essential to streamline user interactions, especially for mobile and web users who prefer fast and convenient access to Blockchain.

On the other hand, also the rise in Cardano’s share price was driven by the “Cardano Summit 2023“, the popular Blockchain event that took place from November 2-4, where Cardano’s founder Charles Hoskinson revealed his plans to move towards a “fully decentralized” economy. Notably, the narrative focused on artificial intelligence technology has gained traction due to recent advances in the sector by OpenAI, followed by the efforts of tech giant Microsoft.

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