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DEX Experience on Cardano 100x Better Than on Ethereum

The words come from a former Google product head. Se also helped to find and lead teams at Microsoft and Web3 Startups.

DEX Experience on Cardano 100x Better Than on Ethereum. Celsius product manager Vannessa Harris, who worked for Microsoft and Google, believes the DApps offered by Cardano are superior to Ethereum.


In Short

  • Harris praised Cardano for its speed and cheaper transactions.
  • Cardano expects the Vasil update later this month.
  • Hoskinson, Dorsey, and Musk discuss programming languages on Twitter.

A former Google employee highlighted the Cardano blockchain’s benefits over its main rival, Ethereum. Vannessa Harris, who worked for big-tech companies, used Twitter to share her experience in the Cardano DeFi space. In a post on Wednesday, she expressed her penchant for Cardano’s decentralized exchanges (DEX) over Ethereum.


Harris, who collectively totals more than ten years of experience as a product manager at Big Tech companies, explains that she gets the “end-to-end experience” of the main DEXes on Cardano better. She compared Minswap, based on Cardano, with the well-known DEX Uniswap and 1Inch, living in the Ethereum blockchain. 

While she acknowledged that the variety of decentralized protocols and platforms offered by Ethereum is wider, she believes that the few provided by Cardanodo it better. ” She referred to the “end-to-end experience including the wallet UX, transaction speed, and transaction costs,” she said.


Cardano vs. Ethereum

Not for the first time, Harris, who was emphatic in pointing out that her opinions are her own, takes to Twitter to praise Cardano and wryly address some of the frequent criticism the project receives. She also criticized Ethereum, the top blockchain according to the number of available distributed applications (DApps), for its huge fees and slow transacting speed. 

Another $200 in ETH gas fees doing a few simple transactions, and it’s slow enough even to make Cardano blush. At this point, I’d rather use the 27th version of a reborn Luna blockchain than Ethereum,” Harris tweeted, referring to Terra-Luna’s controversial rebirth

Harris’ stance was far from comments by crypto-celeb Ran Neuner a month ago. In May, the “Crypto Banter” host shared some complaints about Cardano in a Youtube broadcast, claiming that the blockchain didn’t have a “working DEX.” 

I think Cardano has two problems. Their launch time is taking too long, so they are not getting the amazing adoption that all the other blockchains are getting,” Neuner argued in that video. 

While the YouTuber admitted holding a wallet of ADA, Cardano’s native token, he doesn’t believe the network will be among the crypto space’s top projects. Although this bleak outlook extended to other significant crypto assets, he claimed that “73% of altcoins will go to zero.”


Hoskinson defends Cardano

Meanwhile, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson discussed programming languages with Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey on Twitter.

Just wait until you discover Haskell,” Hoskinson commented in a thread where Musk and Dorsey agreed on their sympathy for the C programming language instead of the object-oriented C++. “I hate the bloated mess that is modern C++, but I love plain C, as you know what it will compile to in terms of actual CPU operations,” Musk commented earlier, a statement Dorsey agreed. 

Musk’s Twitter comment doesn’t come in isolation. The Tesla CEO seems to be trying to prove one of Dogecoin’s co-founders wrong when he said in an interview that Musk knew nothing about programming. 

Plutus, a specific Haskell flavor, is Cardano’s Smart Contract language, despite being one of the hardest to master. You can also program contracts with the much easier-to-learn Marlowe, a domain-specific and GUI-guided language for financial Smart Contracts. Hoskinson has consistently advocated using the Haskell programming language for its accuracy, verification capabilities, and ability to reduce the risks associated with blockchain vulnerabilities and exploitation. 

The founder has also justified Cardano’s systematic approach, which many often criticized for slow development compared to other blockchains. In the meantime, enthusiasts of the said ecosystem are awaiting an upcoming update called “Vasil,” which will arrive as a hard fork at the end of June.


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