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How To Invest in Cryptocurrency When You Have Low Funds

If you’ve been considering investing in crypto, you still have options if you don’t have substantial money to put toward the venture.

How To Invest in Cryptocurrency When You Have Low Funds. When we hear about crypto investment, it’s often in astronomical terms. We learned last year that Carl Icahn was seeking to invest $1 billion in cryptocurrencies –– a venture that, if it goes well, could net him a large fortune even by multibillionaire standards. It’s exciting news, but it makes crypto seem somewhat inaccessible to most of us. Many people find themselves in the same boat, and there are some ways to do it.

1. Third-Party Investment

One barrier to entry for many investors is the sheer price of leading cryptos. Even though it’s possible to invest in tiny fractions of these assets, many newcomers will look at a Bitcoin valuation of some $45,000 (at the time of this writing) and shrink away. For people struggling with numbers of that size, one clever way to invest in cryptos without actually purchasing them is to buy stock in a company with a sizeable financial investment in a given crypto. For example, Tesla has invested over $1 billion in Bitcoin. If the price of Bitcoin goes up, the company will benefit from the increase, and you will realize the benefit indirectly as an owner of the stock.

This method can benefit any investor in multiple ways:

  • It is safer to invest in a publicly traded company.
  • There is less exposure to volatility.
  • Financial institutions back companies.


2. Alternatives to Bitcoin

Many newcomers to crypto also make the mistake of focusing almost exclusively on Bitcoin. There are countless alternatives today –– all of which are much cheaper to buy into, many of which show significant upsides. If you’re new to the crypto market and looking at dizzying lists of cryptos, know that some popular and affordable assets include Litecoin, Ripple, Cardano, Dash, and even the spoof crypto Dogecoin (though, again, there are many more that are worthy of consideration). Investing in these alternatives allows you to spread your capital and diversify your assets rather than putting it all toward a small fraction of a Bitcoin.

3. Spread Betting

Spread betting is another way to make money from cryptocurrencies without purchasing them. This method uses derivatives that anticipate how the price of a cryptocurrency is going. It amounts to placing a bet on which direction a given asset will most likely go. FXCM notes that spread betting is a gateway to several financial markets where people can profit from rising or falling prices. And while it’s historically been associated more with stock markets and the currency exchange, it is now an option for crypto traders. 

Another perk is that spread betting is more affordable since it involves no commissions and lucrative leverage programs. The only drawback is that not every country allows it.



4. Initial Coin Offerings

Just as initial public offerings (IPOs) offer shares of corporations to the public, initial coin offerings (ICOs) offer new cryptocurrencies to investors. These are sold at cheap early rates to incentivize the public to invest and supply the capital to a given venture or company. However, if said venture or company succeeds, those early investors will have made cheap purchases of cryptocurrencies that could significantly appreciate value.

Given these tips, having low funds no longer keeps anyone from investing in cryptocurrency. While it’s always true that the more money you can put into an investment, the more you’ll stand to gain if it goes well, it is possible to get in on potentially profitable crypto ventures with low amounts of capital.


As with any other investment, there are no guarantees, and thorough research is required.

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