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IBM offering free digital platform to learn about blockchain

The digital free learning platform from IBM called Open P-TECH is offering education about blockchain, AI, or cybersecurity.

They are trying to make available the necessary skills vital to the Industry 4.0 paradigm. They're also making this content available to Spanish speaking learners.

People learning in class
People learning in class

According to IBM, "P–TECH is a public-education model that provides young people from diverse backgrounds with the academic, technical, and professional skills and credentials they need for competitive tech jobs."

The P-TECH (Pathways to Technology Early College High School) public education model was launched by IBM in 2011 and since then it has been used by more than 220 schools in 24 countries with nearly 150,000 students and 600 corporate partners. Now, the digital platform will open the components of the P-Tech to a broader audience, to help disadvantaged populations, as detailed by the company.

IBM is expanding its blockchain strategy to many different developments. In 2020, for example, IBM rolled out its distributed ledger solution for contract laborers. IBM claims to automate many of the tasks of payment processing. The solution automatically tracks timesheets, invoices, and purchase orders. IBM is seeking to create a ready-made solution to not only streamline the process of employing outside contractors with a company, they also want to show the wide-ranging ways that blockchain tech can change modern society.

IBM thinks that the companies bringing advanced technologies to society have a responsibility to prepare students and workers for how those technologies will shape their jobs and the nature of their work. Innovation must open up opportunities to make the workforce more inclusive.

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